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State & Local Cannabis Tax

Work with our partners or use Taxnexus API to file your state and local cannabis tax returns

Know Your Cannabis Taxes

Cannabis Business Intelligence

Get smart about your next cannabis business location selection with Taxnexus IQ, a unique service that keeps you smart about your sales, excise and cannabis business taxes.

Get your personalized Taxnexus Report for up to 5 businesss and start your cannabis compliance journey today!

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State and Local Tax Return Automation

Sign Up with a Taxnexus partner, and your state and local taxes are handled automatically.

Or, use Taxneuxs API to write your own integration for the needs of your enterprise.

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Get Results Fast

Use Taxnexus API to get accurate tax ratings on invoices in supported jurisdictions and tax domains.

Taxnexus API is a RESTful, HTTPS-based API that uses JSON strings and inline parameters for communicating with an API consumer.

Check out the full developer site at, or get started today with instant access to a personal sandbox.

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Available in USA Today

Taxnexus serves as a tax agent for customers in California and Oregon.

Taxnexus Report is currently available in California. New states are quickly added when required.

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Premier Partner

If you are already using for your cannabis store and distribution management, then you're ready for Taxnexus today!

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Taxnexus Pricing

  • OEM Support Available
  • Full API Doc Access
  • Tenant Sandbox
per Year
  • Taxpayer Portal
  • Taxnexus Report
  • Track 5 Businesses
  • Automatic Notifications
per Year
  • Automatic Tax Return Filing
  • Tax Liability Consultation
  • Blaze Integration
Starting at $249
per Month

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