Getting Started with Taxnexus API

Taxnexus API is easy to use. Once you are authorized you will receive access to a Postman workspace that has templates for playing around with the API.

The API is easy to use, but implementing the entire Taxnexus workflow required to rate, create trial balances and generate tax returns can be complex.

To use Taxnexus API in production you need to make some product integration decisions, update your product catalog, manage your account. Then you develop an app that implements a Taxnexus Workflow that ingests invoices, manages the tax transactions, and generates invoices.

Determine your API consumption strategy

The two basic choices are to cache or not to cache.

Make Internal Database Schema Adjustments

Learn about the different data structures and mechanisms used by Taxnexus for data management.

Update SKU schema with Taxnexus Code

Setup your product catalog to have Taxnexus Codes encoded into your SKU database.

Use Partner Portal

Use our OEM Partner Portal to manage your account.

Develop With Sandbox

Implement a Taxnexus Workflow. You will use the API credentials from your partner portal account to develop your app in a sandbox.

Implement Production Workflow

Time to bring home the bacon!