Taxnexus Workflow

When using Taxnexus API you will need to process your interactions in a certain workflow, or series of steps.

Post Invoices

The /v1/tax/invoices POST resource expects a JSON-formatted version of the Taxnexus TaxInvoiceRequest object. 

The TaxInvoiceRequest object has two elements: “meta” and “data.” The meta element holds request-specific information, such as pagination or version details. The “data” element is a list of InvoiceBasic objects.

Key fields in the InvoiceBasic header are:

idA unique identifier for the invoice in API Consumer
customeridOptional account identifier in API Consumer
businessaddressPhysical address of the place of commerce — no ZIP
invoicedateDate of transaction

The remaining header fields are optional, and may be omitted except for debugging purposes.

Check the TaxInvoiceRequest, InvoiceBasic and RequestMeta object definitions for more information.

TODO: Put some code samples here

Process TaxInvoiceResponse Object

The response from a POST to the /v1/tax/invoices resource returns a list of TaxTransaction objects wrapped in a TaxInvoiceResponse Object.